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The Best Way to Serve Your People
in Times of Loss... a Lasting Tribute



United Memorial

The Perfect Expression of Sympathy

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Memorial Bibles with Exclusive Features

Give a Lasting Tribute that Will Live in Their Hearts

A bereavement tribute from United Memorial shows you care long after friends go their own way and flowers fade. Nothing else brings lasting comfort and hope like our memorials.

When you present our memorial program you provide a permanent expression of concern, sympathy and respect.

For less than the cost of flowers you can give the grieving family something of substance - an enduring tribute to their loved one - that will become a cherished family treasure.

For half a century, our Memorial Bibles - and now Enduring Comfort for all beliefs - have been the ideal expression of loving concern and sympathy in times of sorrow and loss. It is a proven program!

Each volume comes complete with its own gift chest. The personalized donor panel is already inscribed and in place to identify you as the giver of this lasting remembrance.

Giving Memorial Bible
Giving Memorial Bible


In Color | In Black & White

Nothing Gives Lasting Comfort Like the United Memorial Program
Nothing Gives Lasting Comfort Like the
United Memorial Program


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