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Now You Need Only One Keepsake Product for EVERYONE!

Enduring Comfort is our new, non-religious bereavement book that comforts everyone, regardless of their beliefs. This hopeful book contains grief recovery helps, meditations, affirmations, special union and fraternal features, original full-color art, and a tribute section – all providing real hope in a time of loss.

Enduring Comfort is one-of-a-kind, and is not available in retail stores. It is already a proven success in:

  • Covering the unique circumstances of every kind of loss you may give it for, because each kind of loss is different. This helpful information includes helps for the loss of a spouse, parent, grandparent, sibling, child, special relative, or even a close friend. The type of loss is also addressed: a sudden blow, a long-term relationship, a great weight, or even the loss of a distant relative that may be experienced later, after you give this remembrance.
  • Providing a helpful keepsake - journaling section entitled “Recalling With Love” that helps your people create the sense of belonging needed to recover from a loss, as well as document services, add the loved ones’ photograph, and more.
  • Walking through the first year and beyond, after the loss - which is the most difficult to get through. As the first birth date, anniversary, and other dates roll around, Enduring Comfort walks your people through that first year in a hopeful way, season-by-season, with helpful meditations, affirmations, and beautiful artwork.
  • Giving excellent references of where your people can go for more help - including grief recovery organizations, with websites and phone numbers for reaching them, as well as an effective listing of books to provide them with more help for grief recovery if they
    need it.

This appropriate keepsake, with an attention to detail is unsurpassed. Enduring Comfort gives people of all faiths, (or no particular faith at all), real tribute features, with real hope! It is proven as an inspired and lasting method for expressing heartfelt concern and sympathy to those who are bereaved. At the same time, Enduring Comfort provides a fitting tribute of solidarity and respect for the deceased.

Enduring Comfort and the Sierra Chest are completely union-made.



Sierra-EC keepsake compartment

Enduring Comfort

Enduring Comfort

Enduring Comfort

Enduring Comfort


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